Christian is a religious term that refers to person who believes in the teaching of Christian doctrines. This religion is rooted from

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the teaching and way of life of Jesus of Nazareth. Christian is coined from the Greek word Christós which in Hebrew means mashiach.

There are various interpretations of the Christian teachings which sometimes elicit conflicts. In spite of these conflicts, the Christian community agrees that Jesus has a very significant part to their lives. The Christian term is also used to depict anything that is associated to Christianity. It is also used to describe cultural facade of Christianity regardless of personal practices and beliefs.

Early usage

Historically, it is believed that the first usage of the term Christian can be traced back in other languages especially in the New Testament in The Holy Bible when Saint Paul has been brought to Antioch in order to teach disciples. Also, according to the second citation in a text, the term has also been used when Hero Agrippa II responded to St. Paul suggesting that the latter wants him to be a Christian. Also, the earliest usage of the term in non-Christian woks also comes with the use of Josephus, which pertains to the Christian tribes.

Hebrew terms

Nazareth refers to the city where Jesus spent his childhood life. Nazarene is also considered a general description for the people who adhere to the Christian teachings. The Nazareth also tem is also a designation for Jesus as placed in His cross during the crucifixion saying” Jesus King of Nazareth”. Meanwhile, the idea that Jesus is the Messiah is declined by Judaism.

Arabic terms

In Arabic cultures, there are two terms used to refer to Christians. The first one is Nasrani which is generally viewed to have originated from Nazareth. The other term is Syriac which pertains to the believers of the Messiah. While Nasrani refers to the people who adhere to the Christian culture, Masihi is also a term used to denote those who stick to faith in Jesus.

Asian terms

Saint Thomas Christians of India particularly in Kerala is also connected largely to the Syriac word. In connection to this, another term has been used to describe the Christian followers in the subcontinent of India. These Christian believers are called Isaai. Also, this term is used to adhere to other religions. Isaai is associated to the name Jesus which literally means believers of Isa.

"In history, Malaysian people were grown accustomed to calling the Portugal people Serani."

In history, Malaysian people were grown accustomed to calling the Portugal people Serani. This term is derived from the Arabic term Nasrani. However, this term already pertains to the present-day Malay Creoles. There is also another Chinese term Pinyin which literally means followers of Christ.

In the country of Japan, the word kirishita is also applied as adherence to the Roman Catholicism in the sixteenth as well as seventeenth century. The usage has been quite relevant prior to the banning of the religion by Tokugawa shogunate. At present, Christians are also viewed in standard Japanese, kurisuchan. In addition to that, the Korean term Kidok-kyo-do is also used to refer to Christians.

Russian terms

Russia and other Eastern Europe states hold a long account of the Christianity history. Prior to the birth of Christ, the regions have also been called as Scythia where there were already Christians living in the place. In connection to this, Christianity has emerged in the state. During this time, people claimed themselves as Christians by the word (христиане, крестьяне). Both of these words come with strong connotation. Not only that, it is also very interesting that these terms have gained the meaning Christian faiths. Later, it has been attributed to peasants.

"During the earliest times, Russian faith has also been viewed as original Christian faith. In addition to that, the term Cossack is also used to describe free Christians of the Russian language. "

As of the dawn of the twenty first century, there are around 2.4 billion believers of Christianity. With this large number, it is not a surprise that the community of Christian people encompasses about one third of the population of the world. Needless to say, it is also the largest religion in the entire world. As a proof, there are about thirty eight thousand denominations in the world at present. For around a century, Christians have already taken thirty three percent of the population of the world. In connection to this, the Roman Catholic Church is the largest denominations. It has over 1.17 billion believers which comprises half of all the population of the Christian community. As such, there is no doubt that it is easier to spot Catholic people from across the world.